• theatre operating table,patient operating table
  • theatre operating table,patient operating table

AOT8801 Patient Theatre Operating Table Sliding Table Top

This operating table can operate in urology department. The panel is made of high – strength light – penetrating plate, which can be used for radiographic examination during surgery. Table front and back tilt, left and right tilt, up and down lift and backplane up and down by electric, button operation, safe and reliable. Accessories are removable, easy to operate.

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Patient Theatre Operating Table Sliding Table Top Description:

The theatre operating tables can adapt to the body shape of patients and can withstand high loads in various locations.
The operating table can be quickly and easily fitted for any surgical discipline. It can be used universally in all surgical disciplines and is designed to be compatible so that our existing mobile table accessories can continue to be used.

Effectively help clinicians and surgical staff to provide the best patient care and provide excellent cost performance for hospitals around the world. Theatre operating table for maximum flexibility and comfort.

Patient Theatre Operating Table Features:

General features:

1. It is composed of head board, back board, waist bridge, sitting board, leg board and other basic accessories.
2. The base and column are covered with 304 stainless steel to ensure the high durability of the operating room.
3. The table is made of phenolic board, plexiglass and other materials to facilitate X-ray fluoroscopy of patients.
4. Four 75mm silent casters are used to move the operating table. Equipped with brakes, casters are locked or released by a pedal lever.
5. Stainless steel side rails accept all kinds of available accessories, equipped with removable attachment clips, easy to use. Equipped with Anaesthetic screen, arm rest, body support, leg Support, foot plate.
6. The removable memory sponge mattress effectively help patients disperse pressure, reduce the occurrence of bedsores, relieve muscle fatigue and pain caused by long-term anesthesia.
7. The built-in waist bridge manually lifts the rocker arm to raise the waist and expose the surgical field, which can easily adjust the lumbar spine, spine, kidney, gallbladder and other required operations.

Electrical Data:

1. External 220V AC power supply, can be converted to 24V DC drive electric remote control through the power controller.
2. Built-in battery, when the power supply production failure, can be temporarily powered by the internal power supply.
3. Handheld electric remote control adopts 24V DC, easy to operate, safe and reliable.


Technical Features:

1. Table height adjustment, front and back, left and right tilt, vertical translation and other postures are powered by the electric remote control device.
2. Adjust the height from 700 mm to 1000 mm
3. The back board and leg board are designed with air spring and are detachable.
– The leg board can be folded downward and outward, and can be directly connected to the orthopedic traction rack.
– The head board can be folded 45° up and 15° down, manually adjustable;
– Back board up 75°, fold down 15°.
4. Before and after the table electric translation ≥300mm, can be equipped with C arm, X-ray inspection. The mesa translation function can cover the whole body of the patient without moving the patient, and c-arm perspective or whole body photography can be performed, such as cardiovascular photography, body bone perspective, etc.
5. The 30 degree (reverse) Trendelenburg position allows the patient to perform bariatric surgery sitting or standing.
6. Maximum carrying capacity of operating table: 250kg

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Main Parameter
Operating Table Size
Sectional Dimensions Of Operating Table
Head Rest280×300mm
Back board500×480mm
Butt plate450×480mm
Leg board500×230mm
Foot board200×260mm
Waist board100×480mm
Height Adjustable Range
Min. height of table top from floor700mm
Max. height of table top from floor1000mm
Table Overall Adjustable Range
Reversed tendelenburg≥30º
Lateral tilt≥20º
Backward and forward movements≥300mm
Table Section Adjustment Range
Head section raised from the horizontal≥45º
Head section lowered from the horizontal≥80º
Kidney bridge elevated≥120mm
Back section raised from the horizontal≥75°
Back section lowered from the horizontal≥15°
Leg section lowered from the horizontal≥90º
Leg section opened≥90°
Foot board can be horizontal or vertical with leg board.
Power SupplyAC 220V±10%,50Hz
Basic Accessories:Anaesthetic screen: 1 set
Arm support: 1 pair
Body support: 1 pair
leg support: 1 pair
Cushion: 1 set