Manual Operating Table

The operating table is designed to meet the challenges of today’s operating rooms. Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve patient safety by preparing an operating table to handle almost any procedure or specialty. While there is no perfect operating table, choosing the right one for each procedure is important for patient safety and a successful outcome in the operating room. The decision to use one table over another depends on the patient’s risk factors, localization ability, type of surgery, and duration of surgery.

A manual operating table is cheaper than an electric one. The operating table provides advanced features at an excellent price for money to help your hospital provide outstanding care under budget. A manual operating table with manual movement (mechanical and hydraulic) is the ideal solution for ambulatory surgery, day surgery, emergency and general cases.

As surgical procedures become more complex, extensions to the Mechanical Operating Table series with different models have been specifically designed to meet different customer needs. The operating table is the center of the operating room, and the practical features of the manual table have been developed to ensure that surgical professionals can further enhance their performance for their patients.

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