Orthopedic Operating Table

Each procedure has an appropriate operating table and they can be more easily controlled, contributing to the proper care and safety of patients in the operating room and creating an enabling environment for the development of surgery. As surgery continues to specialize, so does the need for advanced orthopedic operating tables. Specialized operating tables allow handling of a variety of procedures/positions. The evolution of orthopedic surgery from invasive to noninvasive requires different patient positioning, increasing the demand for advanced orthopedic operating table.

Orthopedic operating table provides extension positioning function, can be used in the knee, shoulder, hip, spine, wrist, ankle and other parts of the operation. The price range varies in the operating table, and orthopedic operating tables are highly specialized.

Orthopedic fracture table (fracture and lower limb traction unit), lateral femoral attachment, knee arthroscope and tibial nail attachment, arm operating table and other accessories can be added to improve the ease of operation and correct positioning of orthopedic surgeons. Supported by standard and optional appendages, different types of surgery can be performed. The orthopedic operating table depends on the complexity of the operation and department. The addition of an accessory not only provides additional support for the patient, but also helps the surgeon successfully complete the surgical task.

Orthopaedic surgery OT table is the appropriate equipment for orthopaedic special operating room, but also the appropriate equipment for multi-operation OT table.

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