Washer Disinfector

Nosocomial infection control is a serious problem that no hospital manager can ignore. Any aseptic supply chain must have a system that can clean and disinfect these components with a very high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

Our washer disinfector can be used for washing, disinfection and pre-sterilization cleaning of instruments, medical accessories, dental instruments, tubes, hoses, laboratory glassware (including pipettes and test tubes), anaesthetic accessories, microsurgical equipment and instruments, endoscopic equipment, medical footwear and components of medical and pharmaceutical equipment.

The main advantages of using a cleaning sterilizer for reusable medical devices are:

– Safety: The operation is performed by trained and experienced infection control professionals

– Economy: Rapid return on investment due to reduced demand for personnel

– Reduced environmental impact: Due to the high efficiency of centralized equipment

Washer disinfectors enables quick, easy, and hygienic handling of almost all ward cleaning tasks, increasing staff productivity, significant savings in space, power, and water costs, and most importantly, improved infection control measures. This is a simple, safe and cost-effective procedure that minimises risk to staff and patients.

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