Radiolucent Operating Table

While the General Surgical Table provides some degree of imaging support, state-of-the-art medical imaging procedures require specialized operating tables. When choosing Radiolucent Operating Table, it is important to find a method that can perform imaging, such as:

1. Any type of fluoroscopy, including vascular surgery

2. Any procedure that requires extension of the catheter tray, such as cardiovascular procedure

3. Procedures that require horizontal/vertical floating, trendrenbo recumbent/reverse Trendrenbo recumbent, horizontal tilt or height adjustment

4. Professional 3D imaging

These fluoroscopy tables are designed for imaging procedures and pain care imaging studies. Electric Operating Table can accommodate any style of C-arm and is ideal for image-guided applications such as pain care and cardiovascular applications. C Arm Operating Table is not only comfortable for patients, but also convenient and practical for doctors. As with all of our products, we always keep the needs of physicians and patients in mind to ensure overall quality.

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