• radiolucent table,angiography table,surgical imaging table
  • radiolucent table,angiography table,surgical imaging table

AOT900 Angiography&Radiolucent Table Surgical Imaging Table

AOT900 photography bed is mainly used for general x-ray fowler photography and it can also be used with mobile C-arm. This product adopts advanced electro-mechanical drive technology, carbon fiber-wide bed. It has the function of lifting, sliding forwarder and backward, sliding left and right. It support the use of X-ray imaging systems or C-arm to receive accurate, clear images. It can meet the all positions of image inspection and no need to move the patient.

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Angiography&Radiolucent Table Surgical Imaging Table Description:

The radiolucent table by mechanical and electrical control systems. The carbon fiber table top through the manual push-button control, postural requirements needed to meet the clinical Agency operations. The photography is the most important feature of the x-ray table surface after panning around, moving larger amounts of countertop with carbon-fiber production, the radiolucent operating table particularly suitable combined with c-arm imaging and imaging interventional procedures.

Main use: photography for use in Imaging, surgical clinical institutions.

Select the length and width of the surgical imaging table you need for the most efficient workflow, the best program efficiency and imaging accuracy.


radiolucent table,angiography table,surgical imaging table

Angiography&Radiolucent Table Features:

General features:

1. The table is made of carbon fiber material with low X-ray absorption rate to reduce radiation damage caused by X-ray to patients and medical staff. The process can meet the requirements of imaging or imaging interventional surgery.

2. The memory sponge mattress can be coordinated according to the patient’s body temperature and can be removed.

3. Equipped with electric brake, easy to transport, transfer, cleaning.

Electrical features:

1. Equipped with built-in emergency power supply, which can be used in emergency after power failure.

2. Adopt 24V DC voltage, safe and reliable.

Technical features:

1. Advanced electric motor drive technology.

2. Carbon fiber desktop, with up and down, vertical and horizontal movement and other functions. Due to the low X-ray absorption, it can be combined with the C arm to obtain a true and clear imaging effect. Brake, front, back, left and right pan, manually controlled by the button.

3. The design of the table base makes the top of the table can be shifted 1880mm, and the toe can be shifted 1000mm, which can open the bed to the maximum, barrier-free, no blind area of vision. Meet various surgical needs. Performing full-body X-ray scans without moving patients is also considered an advantage. Meet the requirements of 3D image acquisition.

4. Carbon fiber desktop with large radiation area. Use with any moving C arm. Used for Urological, ERCP, Gynecological and Cardiac applications.

5. The maximum length of the table without any metal parts not only meets the requirements of 3D and 360-degree X-ray photographs, but also extends the service life of the main parts and reduces the radiation injury to patients and nursing staff.



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Main Parameter 
Operating Table Size
Pivot Wdith1800mm
No metal check length and width1450*460mm
Height Adjustable Range 
Min. height of table top from floor650±150mm
Max. height of table top from floor≥850±150mm
Backward and forward movements≥600mm
Safe working load 135kg
Power SupplyAC 220V±10%,50Hz


Torr hand×2
Accessories are removable when in use, simply fixed slider attachment or immobilizer nest photography side rail, bed position, insert the attachment, adjust the position, and tighten the handle can be fixed in the annex.