• gynecology operating table,table with stirrups
  • gynecology operating table,table with stirrups

AOT400BM Gas Spring Assisted Gynecology Operating Table With Stirrups

Gynecological examination needs to rely on certain technology and equipment, gynecological examination bed is the basic equipment, for gynecological examination to provide a certain convenience, improve the comfort of gynecological examination. Electric execution, stable operation, safe and noiseless; All stainless steel appearance, wear resistant and easy to clean. Handheld controller, simple and easy to operate. Stable and reliable operation.

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Gynecology Operating Table With Stirrups Description:

The gynecology operating table is designed to provide accurate positioning through simple electric operation. These tables are pretty good for all major surgical procedures that require precision. We provide different types of  operating table according to customers’ requirements.

gynecology operating table,table with stirrups

Gynecology Operating Table With Stirrups Features:

1. Easy to use and flexible, uniform and stable running speed, no mute, safe and stable.

2. Dual control mode: remote control and pedal control can be used to achieve the overall lifting.

3. Air spring design is adopted for back lift. As long as the handle is gently pressed, the desired clinical position can be obtained.

4. 304 stainless steel bed, mattress seamless cover, easy cleaning, antibacterial, anti-fouling, anti-cracking, deodorant and other characteristics.

5. The brake device of the base is operated by the foot pedal and fixed the bed firmly. Equipped with base casters, convenient bed movement.


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Tabletop length and width1780*600mm
Back plate up/down45°/10°
AccessoriesMattress:1 set
Arm Support: 1 pair
Handle: 1 pair
Fixing Clamp:1 pair
Knee Crutch:1 pair
Pedal:1 pair
Leg Support:1 piece
Waste Basin:1 piece
Hand Remote:1 piece
Foot Switch:1 piece