• overhead surgical lights,led operating room lights
  • overhead surgical lights,led operating room lights

AKL-B400L Overhead Surgical Lights LED Operating Room Lights

This operating lamp is designed to revolutionize the operating room by providing superior clarity and brightness, ensuring the best view for surgeons and medical professionals. It is a powerful LED lighting system available in single ceiling, double ceiling, wall-mounted and mobile installations.

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Overhead Surgical Lights LED Operating Room Lights Features:

Germany Osram LED Light Source, Overall aluminum board with good dissipation, power of the LED has a large margin to over 50000hours lifespan.

1. High-frequency PWM modulation and constant current drive design,realize precise control of LEDS current and stable color temperature.
2. High and low color temperature LEDS Consist and independently controlled, adjusted from 4200-5500K to meet the needs of doctors.
3. Field diameter adjustment by turning the central handle, meet the doctor’s usage.
4. Touch control to avoid moving the lamp head, and the high-definition full-color LCD display is clear at a glance.
5. 3 joints can rotate to realize multi-angle irradiation.
6. The large-span design of the base, the S-shaped vertical support tube, and the silent casters with locks, stable and move flexibly.

overhead surgical lights,led operating room lights

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Light HeadSize approx. 40cm, single headSize approx. 40cm, single head
Light SourceLEDLED
Power Input100-240V~45VA100-240V~90VA
Illumination> 80000Lx
Colour temperature4200-5500K (adjust)
Spot diameter180-220mm
Colour rendering indexRa>90