• 4 point head fixation, skull clamp
  • 4 point head fixation, skull clamp

AOTA300 Neurosurgical 4-point Head Fixation Skull Clamp

The neurosurgical skull clamp connects the patient’s head firmly and safely to the operating table. On the basis of ensuring the comfort and safety of the patient, placing the patient in a suitable position for the operation is conducive to the exposure of the operation field and reducing the difficulty of the operation.

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Neurosurgical 4-point Head Fixation Skull Clamp Features:

1. One complete set of instrument is composed of the base, skull fixture rack and U-Shaped head bracket. They can be assembled at will according to operation needs.
2. Adjustable cranial apical rack:

-Four-point fixation: the 4 points are distributed according to isosceles triangle, and the 4 points press the head synchronously to achieve stable fixation.
-Head clamp double bow streamline design, uniform stress conduction.
-Side single nail design is simple, no operating parts open vision.
-The interface should be fixed firmly. After locking with two nails on the side, there is no clearance, no shaking, and repeated use of non-slip wire.
-Intraoperative fine-tuning can be performed without loosening the patient’s head.

3. Head support: horseshoe shaped design, suitable for various head positions fixed function, adjustable size, smooth surface, soft texture.
4. Base: The inserting rod can be replaceable.
5. Can meet the supine, prone, side, sitting posture and other positions
6. The outer surface is treated with matte oxidation to prevent corrosion and aging, and the appearance of uniform color.

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Main Parameters
Forward and backward movement:350mm
Left and right movement:400mm
Height adjustable range:350mm
Swinging angle:≥ 45°
Adjustment range for Installation of center distance:190~400mm
Gross weight:6kg