• modular operation theatre equipment,modular ot
  • modular operation theatre equipment,modular ot
  • modular operation theatre equipment,modular ot
  • modular operation theatre equipment,modular ot

AOT800 Modular Operation Theatre Equipment Operating Table

Modular operating tables with detachable components are called a star product. These components provide the surgeon with improved access to the surgical site and help prevent potential patient injury. The back and head can be detachable, the bed surface can be folded, so that the doctor can get the ideal position for surgery, so that the patient can get a more comfortable seat. With multiple configuration options, high utilization is supported while improving cost effectiveness and flexibility.

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Modular Operation Theatre Equipment Operating Table Description:

The modular operation theatre equipment with outstanding features suitable for any surgical specialty.
The infrastructure of operating table can be assembled into various multi-segment configurations with different modules.
Lightweight carbon fiber modules allow easy installation and removal to maximize workflow flexibility and efficiency. The carbon fiber module can not only provide unrestricted radiographic permeability for pelvic, cardiovascular, and orthopedic surgeries but also reduce the physical load of medical staff by 35% when equipped with an operating table.

modular operation theatre equipment,modular ot

Modular Operation Theatre Equipment Features:

General features:

1. Modular design desktop, suitable for various surgical disciplines. Detachable back and legs for quick attachment and positioning.

2. Easy click connection design, for different requirements of the operating table to provide convenient, safe, intuitive modular installation scheme. Lightweight modular components can be quickly and easily fitted and changed to suit surgical needs.

3. The stainless-steel base and column housing are made of stainless steel and the surfaces are treated with the most advanced procedures to ensure longer table life and higher resistance to antibacterial products.

4. The panel is made of high strength transparent board, which is very convenient for ray observation.

5. Can be moved on four extremely smooth wheels and can be easily used in a narrow room.

6. Manual controller is equipped with safety lock to avoid accidental movement of the table.

7. Equipped with large casters, this operating table can be transferred regardless of the terrain.

8. It is a multi-functional operating table, which can meet the needs of thoracic surgery, renal surgery, gallbladder surgery, endoscopic surgery, gynecological surgery, ent surgery and other operations.

modular operation theatre equipment,modular ot modular operation theatre equipment,modular ot

Modular design benefits:

1. Higher imaging quality, the best stability to meet more endoscopic surgery

2. Module identification system, color coding indicator technology and intelligent collision protection system enhance patient safety

3. Easy to use, easy to move, improve operating room efficiency

Technical Features:

1. The longitudinal slide can reach 310mm, and the C-arm can be freely entered without patient reduction

2. Extreme weight load capacity of 350 kg, with the highest safety and stability

3. The extremely high and low positions are not only suitable for various operations, but also for the comfortable work of doctors.

4. Dual control system. It can be controlled by hand remote control and can also be operated by the super control panel on the column in case of emergency. (e.g. Flex, Reflex ,0- position or foot locking).

5. The elevation of renal bridge is controlled by manual handle.

6. One-button reset function, just one button can restore the operating table to the horizontal zero position.

Electrical characteristics:

1. Optional spare battery system, which can supply power to the workbench for several hours in case of power failure.



modular operation theatre equipment,modular ot

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Main Parameter 
Operating Table Size
Table Overall Adjustable Range
Min. height of tabletop from floor≤550mm
Max. height of tabletop from floor≥1050mm
Reversed Trendelenburg≥35º
Lateral tilt≥25º
Backward and forward movements≥310mm
Horizonal rotation of tabletopwithout
Table Section Adjustment Range
Head section raised from the horizontal≥40º
Head section lowered from the horizontal≥90º
Head section flexible position≥40º
Kidney bridge elevated≥120mm
Back section raised from the horizontal≥80º
Back section lowered from the horizontal≥45º
Electric Leg section raised from the horizontal≥80º
Electric/Manual Leg section lowered from the horizontal≥90º
Foot board can be horizontal or vertical with leg board.
Power SupplyAC 220V±10%,50Hz
Basic Accessories:Anesthetic screen: 1 set
Arm support: 1 pair
Body support: 1 pair
leg support: 1 pair
Shoulder Rest: 1pair
Foot plate: 1 pair
Cushion: 1 set
Manual controller: 1 pc
Kidney bridge handle: 1 pc
Power cord: 1 pc